Josh Steffler for Independent MLA, Esquimalt – Royal Roads

Why Independent?

I am fed up with the NDP and Liberals dividing BC against itself. My name is Josh Steffler and I am running in the BC Election for many reasons. I have the hindsight to remember the corruption and scandals of the NDP government of the day and do not see them as an alternative to the Liberals, just the opposite side of the same coin. I remember vividly many of the scandals and much of the corruption of the Liberal Government. I understand many voters are feeling that they have no good options on their voting card. I myself have realized that there was no one I could vote for so I felt the need to run myself, if at the very least to give me someone to vote for who will approach matters with common sense.

I am tired of the intrusion into my private life and my wallet by the government of the last 20 years. I have seen our debt increase in an unsustainable manor. I see no plans to eliminate this debt from either the NDP or the Liberals. I see them looking at my children like cash cows, rather then individuals, and spending their future earnings today.

I do not like the way our tax dollars always seem to end up in the hands of “friends” to the current government. I am tired of the mainstream parties whipping their votes to achieve their party goals rather then the goals of the individual constituents.

The NDP are in a uniquely “BC” position that they stand to win the election, not because of what they stand for or propose, but because the electorate is sick and tired of the BC Liberal corruption and scandals.

I ask you to try something different, because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Vote for an independent, vote for your principles and be the change, vote for anyone but the status quo.

I am running a NO MONEY campaign. I will not be putting out lawn signs, I will not be collecting donations, I will be utilizing the internet and the old fashioned technique of talking to people face to face. I believe as many of you do, that money is the root of all that is wrong with politics. I hope you will join me and help me on this journey to the BC Legislature.


Josh Steffler

Independent Candidate for the Esquimalt – Royal Roads riding


One thought on “Josh Steffler for Independent MLA, Esquimalt – Royal Roads

Add yours


    Your courage is an inspiration to me and many others in Victoria Beacon Hill, Josh, where I am attempting to pursue a very similar campaign to yours, using next to no money whatsoever, no signs and just good old-fashioned human contact as the main way to get the message of liberty to the discouraged, demoralized and frankly tyrannized people.

    Do you still need nominators for your bid to stand as an independent concerned citizen candidate in Esquimalt Royal Roads, I wonder?

    I do, and would very much appreciate your helping me find more qualified nominators resident in Victoria Beacon Hill who want to support a non-partisan independent concerned citizen candidate like yourself.

    If you need more signatures from qualified electors in Esquimalt Royal Roads to make the required 75 now mandated by the government, please contact me, and I will spread the word for your nomination through my blogs LA ROSA and ROCKLAND ROSA TRIPLEX and by word of mouth.

    May the good people of Esquimalt Royal Roads have the common sense to see their way to both nominating and then electing you as their first truly Independent Candidate in the new riding’s history!

    Very sincerely

    Gregory Hartnell (‘Goyo de la Rosa’)

    LA ROSA:
    Tel. 250 382 97 67
    1357 Rockland Avenue
    Victoria V8S 1V7


    Please contact me if you want to sign my nomination form, are a qualified resident elector in Victoria Beacon Hill, and have been resident in BC for the last 6 months.

    If you are still unsure of whether you can nominate one or the other of us, rest assured that you don’t have to be a registered voter to nominate a potential candidate like Josh Steffler in Esquimalt Royal Roads nor myself in Victoria Beacon Hill, nor do you have to vote for such candidates.

    By nominating any candidate whatsoever, you are simply affirming that you believe that one or the other of us are suitable to stand in the provincial election as bona fide Candidates.

    We are not representing any political party.

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