My position on GM (Genetically Modified) foods

I believe that people inherently own themselves and their bodies, and have a right to choose what is put inside them. I understand people’s concerns with GMO foods and I share them as well. I am concerned with GM corn with pesticides grown inside the corn being deemed safe for human consumption. I would propose a change to the labelling law, something simple that would indicate that the product contains GMO ingredients. This way we can not infringe on peoples choice if they so choose to eat GMO, and not infringe on the rights of people who choose NOT to eat GMO foods.

I am very much against eating GM foods personally, but I would not want to take that choice away from others who would choose to continue eating them.

While I think many people would love to see a ban on GMO food, I believe that a simple change to labelling laws can help us all make informed choices. Right now, it is not permitted to advertise that your product is GMO free if there is not a commercially available Genetically Engineered product for sale as well. For example you could not advertise your Oranges as GMO free, because there is no GM Oranges for sale. I understand these are federal laws, but they must be changed with pressure from the people of BC. Decisions for BC should be made in BC. I believe in fair and level playing fields in business. For us to make informed choices we must first know what is in our foods. A small sticker added to all products coming into BC, while possibly adding a small cost to business, that would in all honesty be passed on to consumers, should be something to discuss. I see many stickers added to foods imported to BC from all across the globe, yet they must be selling, or they would not get imported.

The labelling laws in Europe have not destroyed any business, and in the EU all foods and ingredients that are produced in whole or in part from genetically modified organisms must show this information on their labels. Labelling gives consumers the right to choose products that were not intentionally or directly produced from genetically modified organisms. It’s important to remember that GM labels are not warnings. They are simply there to inform consumers that the food contains genetically modified ingredients. I do not support politicizing the labels and making them warnings at all, just an equal and level playing field, where all the ingredients in food must be labelled for us to make an informed choice.

I support solutions that do not require the force of government, and if you dont support eating or buying GMO food, it takes a little bit of research to become informed now, and you can avoid GMO`s even without the labelling of the products. I would encourage you to start by looking at the NON GMO Project, found here ( While a labelling law would be nice, and is important to have, we do not need to wait for it to act now. YOU have tremendous influence when you decide to change your spending habits. We can influence the market by supporting the business that align with our own values. Research your food, and vote according to your values.

For an added bonus and increased discussion, here is the law in Canada about labelling GM and non GM foods. Click here

I would propose to change the labelling laws, but we do not need to wait for someone to provide a solution for us, we can act now. Nobody is forcing us to buy GMO products, vote with your dollars. Vote Josh Steffler-Independent this May 14th

Josh Steffler: Liberty Today For A Prosperous Tomorrow


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