Smart Meters in BC

I personally am concerned with the bullying tactics of BC Hydro trying to force the smart meters on to people and their property. As BC Hydro is a monopoly you dont have a choice to say “no, I wont accept one and will be changing service providers”

Most people are not concerned about the smart meter and its affects on them in regards to either radiation or the potential of privacy abuses or data collection or the susceptibility to hacker, and that is ok. There are over 100 thousand people in BC with concerns, very real and valid concerns. I do not think it is ok to bully these people into accepting a piece of technology they are uncomfortable with.

Many other jurisdictions with smart grids have looked into a voluntary opt out, and quite a few have offered their customers a choice, including California, Maine and Vermont. That is ALL that these 100 thousand people in BC are asking for, is a choice. Are we as a province really going to bully them into compliance? What happens if they still do not accept? will we shut off the power to these people?

There are valid concerns with a smart grid, there are also benefits to be had. I think we should let people be free to participate in the benefits, and still let others be free to assuage their concerns.

As an independent MLA I would propose BC Hydro IMMEDIATELY provide all customers a voluntary opt out service, and offer all the other people a chance to go back to their old analogue meters if they were forced to have a smart meter. I think you know that the NDP will NOT give us an opt out, neither will the Liberals, it will take an independent voice in the house to raise these concerns.

This election vote for a candidate that understands your concerns about the smart meters, and respects your decision NOT to have one. Vote Josh Steffler – Independent this May 14th.

Josh Steffler: Liberty Today For A Prosperous Tomorrow


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