“ALL” candidates debate?

Turns out I don’t get to participate in a “mislabeled” all candidates debate in my riding on April 24th. The reason given is that the participants must have received 5% of the popular vote last election to participate. Well considering that in my municipal campaign I came within 140 votes of being elected, I would think that qualifies me to participate. Also consider that the Green and Liberal party member candidates did not run in the last election at all, their party did yes, but not the individual candidates. This is a prime example of why politics is skewed towards the party system, I have seen many elections where the independent or “fringe”party candidate has been excluded from the so called all candidate debates.

Do you believe that the electorate should hear ALL voices running? If so please consider sending your questions or thoughts to  chamber@westshore.bc.ca, or call 250-478-1130.

All too often we see the mainstream parties dominate the discussion, because they have the money and the backing of a powerful political machine. I am trying to change that, and just want a fair chance to discuss the issues.

I respect that this is a private event, put on by a private organization, and I do not have the right to be included, but I think if enough people contact the organizers we can get them to voluntarily change their minds and extend an invitation to me.

Josh Steffler: Liberty Today For A Prosperous Tomorrow


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