Economic Freedom

Economic freedom is about the freedom to buy and sell stuff, but it is also the freedom to interact with people, to converse with people, to travel where we want, voluntarily. There is a tremendous body of evidence that shows that the ideas of a healthy and free society are linked to the same ideas behind economic freedom. More economic freedom means everyone is better off. It means we have the freedom to do what we love, to create wealth, to protect the environment and to improve equality. Higher taxes, more imposing regulation, fees, licensing, and mandatory obligations impinge on our own economic freedom. We need to be free to make our own choices and live with the consequences of our choices provided they do not interfere with the freedoms of others.

Its time to lower taxes, its time to lower spending and put the spending in its proper places. BC cannot tax itself out of debt, or spend itself out of debt without massive infringements on our own economic freedoms. This May 14th vote for lower taxes and more economic freedom, Vote Josh Steffler – Independent

Josh Steffler: Liberty Today For A Prosperous Tomorrow


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