The Party Whip

I do not know about you, but I have always found the party whip extremely offensive. If we are to assume that BC is a fair and democratic society, how can we allow one person to manipulate and effectively control the votes of an entire political party? In BC we have the unfortunate situation of being ruled by 2 parties, the BC Liberals and the BC NDP, both of which have and use their party whip. This means that the 2 party leaders can control all but a tiny handful of votes. BC needs more free votes, in a free society our elected representatives should be voting the way we want them to, not the party elite. This puts MLA’s in a difficult spot of having a master to answer to before the people of BC.

Do you believe that party leaders such as Adrian Dix or Christy Clark should be controlling the way YOUR MLA votes? I know I sure don’t.

If you want an MLA that is not tied to a party ideology and not whipped into voting party line rather then for the community they are supposed to represent, vote Josh Steffler – Independent this May 14th. As an independent, there is no party boss between you and me, my service would be to you, my loyalty would be to my community not a party.

Josh Steffler: Liberty Today For A Prosperous Tomorrow


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  1. When former premier Gordon Campbell finally quit the BC Liberals in disgrace, after saddling this province with an unnecessary carbon tax, after disgracing himself and the whole province by staying in office after his drunk driving charge, after having attended a secret Bilderberg N. W. O. meeting in Sitges, Catalonia, after, in short, having done many disgraceful things… the party had a leadership convention, and former Campbell cabinet minister Christy Clark was resurrected from obscurity, and became our new premier, by default.

    The Libs’ spin then was that somehow she represented some sort of new era for the party and thus for the province, unassociated with the disgraced BC Liberal premier.

    Thus, the first foundational phase of the Campbelite fascist corporatist conspiracy to deepen the ‘green’ Globalist ties of this province into UN Agenda 21 ‘sustainable development’ was finished, and Clark represents the second phase which is meant to reassure us, with a softer, more feminine approach to what the ‘green’ Globalists call ‘governance’.

    It is anything of the sort, of course, but is rather reliant on an anachronistic English colonial parliamentary system, always relying on some ancient ‘tradition’ or another, which effectively delivers nothing more than a predictable relapse into the temptation of tyranny.

    The coronation of this annoying juvenile unelected woman as the premier was a sneak attack around democracy and meant, in effect, that Christy Clark, newly elected only as the BC Liberal leader, somehow magically automatically became the new premier, without even having to hold a seat in the legislature!

    This presumptuous person, who was not even a duly elected member of the legislature, could nevertheless ‘whip’ her underlings into obedience, or instruct a ‘party whip’ to whip them into shape for her (or for her own puppet masters).

    It strikes me as patently absurd to insist that these Anglo Saxon anachronisms which allow such a circumvention of due democratic process are sufficient to garner the respect of the people.

    These opaque circumventions are not sufficient to the task of transparent democratic government, and thus don’t past the ‘sniff test’.

    Therefor, many of us do not consent to be governed by such tyranny.

    Many of us don’t consent to be governed under an effective usurpation of democracy.

    Many of us are on the verge, so to speak, of opting out, always, so as to avoid having any responsibility whatsoever for perpetuating such obvious tyranny…

    An independent candidacy such as that of Josh Steffler, leading to electoral victory on May 14 and the holding of a non-partisan seat is far more effective in conveying the will of the people in the Esquimalt Royal Roads riding to the legislature than any whipped party minion could ever do, through the introduction of private member’s bills which better reflect the actual concerns, hopes and values of the constituents.

    Unless they are unchained from their relationship to their party whips, however, the partisan members of the legislature will continue to behave in a slavish, and dare I say it, a masochistic manner, and betray their constituents, thus aggravating UN Agenda 21 ‘sustainable development’ tyranny.

    Vote for Josh Steffler in Esquimalt Royal Roads

    Gregory Hartnell, Historian
    LA ROSA:

    1. P.S. It was very likely at the Bilderberger meeting at Sitges that Campbell was given his marching orders by the banksters to impose the carbon tax, HST, and the so-called ‘smart meters’ on the people of BC, to circumvent the socialist corporatists in the NDP and ‘Greens’ from pushing the same Agenda 21 ‘sustainable development’ nonsense with even more Keynsian spending than the fascist corporatists were proposing.

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