Now that I have your attention

Hello Friends and supporters,

I want to say thank you to all who helped out with the Sasquatch campaign today. It was a lot of fun and I believe we got a lot of votes and support. If you are coming here for the first time and am wondering why you should vote for me? Who I am? What am I doing out there with a Sasquatch?

Well let me explain, I am running a no money campaign, which means no donations or expenses. I am tired of money corrupting politics and our politicians. I know as well as you do, that the donations come with unspoken expectations of favors or political bias. I am having a lot of trouble attracting media attention to get the word out about me, so we pulled off a creative and fun idea to intrigue voters and get us some much needed attention. A mainstream politician can spend up to $70,000 in the 30 day campaign. I am not buying signs as I believe they are an eyesore and just another way to divide our communities further. Today we managed to get mentioned on all 4 rock stations in Victoria and the talk radio station, plus one TV station. Great work everyone!

Why you should vote for me? Well I am not your average candidate, I think that the majority of disenfranchised voters have stopped voting because of partisan politics. I am completely independent. there is no party whip or party leader to come in between my duties towards you, unlike every other party running. I am a father of 3 beautiful kids, and am very concerned about our massive provincial debt of $63,000,000,000. Yet with this massive debt hanging over our head, the main line party politicians of the NDP and Liberals, keep offering more spending, new services and never address the debt we already have. This debt is extracting the wealth out of our communities by the day due to the interest payments that are due. That debt is borrowed against the collateral of our children’s future earnings. We should not be spending money that the next generation has not even earned yet.

I wish to stem the tide of the unsustainable debt, the unsustainable growth of government, the constant erosion of our freedoms in BC, and I wish to create new opportunities for  people to prosper.

If you are tired of the corruption, you remember the last NDP government and all it’s scandals and corruption, if you remember the scandals and corruption of the current Liberal government, then I am your man! If you want some very different style of politics instead of constant division and blaming the “other” party, it is time to vote Josh Steffler this May 14th.

Josh Steffler – Liberty now, Prosperity for the future!


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  1. While driving along with my wife Dawn the other day, we heard Josh Steffler tell CBC Victoria’s All Points West radio hostess that the last book he read was Rosa Koire’s”Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21 ‘sustainable development.'”

    Rosa Koire’s book can be bought from the Post Sustainability Institute:

    Gregory Hartnell, Historian
    LA ROSA:

  2. Thanks for your well-founded condemnation of UN Agenda 21, Josh.

    I note for the record that a well-known Salt Spring Island writer, Elizabeth Nickson, has recently published a new hard cover book at Harper Collins called ‘Eco-Fascists’ which clearly shows the devastating effects of United Nations’ Agenda 21 ‘sustainable development’ planetary resources inventory and control planning on local economies.

    Nickson’s ‘Eco-Fascists’ is available to borrow from the Greater Victoria Public Library system.

    As far as the impending British Columbia election is concerned, I am hoping and praying for a grand awakening of the good people of Esquimalt Royal Roads in the coming days, and once having really woken up, I encourage all of you to vote on May 14 election day for your very own common sense independent non partisan candidate, a father, husband, baker, advocate of liberty, peace, free markets and a good man, Josh Steffler.

    As I reside in Victoria Beacon Hill, I won’t be able to vote for Josh, but I can certainly assert that his campaign is historically significant for liberty-lovers in all of the ‘CRD’.

    I would like to thank all those in the VBH riding for having endorsed my own independent candidacy, but due to some unforeseen problems, I was not able to secure the required number of signatures… this time.

    Last time I stood in VBH, which was in 2001, I don’t recall such onerous requirements as 75 nomination signatures and a non-refundable $250.00 deposit.

    The only way a poor person would be able to get those 75 valid signatures and that deposit back would be if he or she miraculously organized some time in advance, and garnered at least 15% of votes cast in the election.

    I don’t pretend to be poor, but I also admire Josh Steffler’s determination to run a cash-less campaign.

    It is an idea whose time has come, and I think it is a bare minimum requirement of any candidate who intends to remain completely independent and non-partisan.

    So I commend Josh Steffler for this key aspect of his thought-provoking campaign to enhance the liberties of his fellow citizens in Esquimalt Royal Roads.

    Gregory Hartnell,
    LA ROSA Editor-Historian
    Tel. 250 382 97 67

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