Victory on the All Candidates Debate

I would like to thank everyone for sending emails and making phone calls to get the Colwood Chamber of Commerce to include me in the candidates debate. A special shout out to Greg Hill, Jamie Scott and Susan Low, I could not express my thanks enough to you. I hope we don’t need to work this hard to be included in the next one.

For your information I have included a video of  my opening and closing statements

Josh Steffler – Liberty now, Prosperity for the future.


One thought on “Victory on the All Candidates Debate

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  1. That’s a real victory for free speech in Colwood, indeed, for all of the Esquimalt Royal Roads riding, Josh!

    It’s of note that bullying Bruce Carter of the Victoria Chamber is typically trying to order the sheepish partisan candidates in the Victoria ridings to answer a slew of questions about grandiose big ticket public-private partnerships, a characteristic of UN Agenda 21 ‘sustainable redevelopment’ planning.

    Please keep speaking out against such eugenics-based urban densification stack and pack planning as is found in the utopian UN Agenda 21, Josh.

    UN Agenda 21 advocates sequestration of at least 50% of land and water ‘resources’ on the planet for ‘Mother Nature’.

    In the Capital Regional District, which endorses ‘sustainability strategies’ and ‘Nature Needs (at least) Half’, we will soon have uncontrolled Lyme disease-transmitting Bambis foraging everywhere.

    The sustainability cultists have already practically ruined commercial farming on the Saanich peninsula, and suburban hobby gardeners have had to ruin the aesthetics of their gardens by costly fencing and netting to keep the ever-growing herds of deer out.

    This is the tyrannical future envisaged by animal liberationist fanatics of the Wildlands Project, effectively the CRDictatorship is creating huge off limit nature preserves linked by wildlife corridors and all of it is policed by the ever-growing CRD Parks Department bylaw enforcement ‘officers’.

    The surveillance system for our public water just got more Big Sisterish.
    They just bought 3 cameras to install around the reservoir, costing more than $100,000.

    Josh, your headshot at the T-C looks small, but when I cut and paste it to LA ROSA, it looks huge!

    You look healthy, happy and hopeful for a future of liberty, peace and prosperity!

    All the best to you and your family.

    Gregory Hartnell, LA ROSA Editor-Historian

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