Amalgamation NO!

As your Council member I will stand opposed to any and all attempts to amalgamate Esquimalt into any other municipality. Time and time again we have seen that amalgamation does not reduce the costs of government. Instead it brings the number of middle management up, and the exorbitant wages of the corporate employees higher and higher, increasing the divide between the average taxpayer’s wages and their employee’s salary. The mess of trying to harmonize all by-laws into one super structure would mean that individual communities that have built by-laws that are best for their own community, would be undermined by people who don’t live or work in that community.

While I support the idea of being open to all ideas, plus people running for political office, I will proudly stand as a member of the Esquimalt community, defending our rights to self governance.

The problems with amalgamation are many and documented, while the benefits are only perceived and hypothetical. With the additional questions added to the ballot this municipal election, I would urge you to vote NO in reducing the number of municipalities in Greater Victoria and no on amalgamation.


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