Free Speech in Esquimalt….and The SASQUATCH!

sasquatch endorsement

I am a staunch defender of free speech. I feel that it is one of the foundations of a free society. Sadly, in Esquimalt our Municipal Council tried to step on that fundamental right, by means of an authoritarian by-law, to control what people can wear while advertising their business. I had to stand up against this aggression against our free society. My friends and I prevailed in defending our rights. What made this even more appalling, was that Esquimalt Council was prepared to make themselves exempt from this by-law. I believe it is absolutely tyrannical and authoritarian when a government would enact laws for the people, but make themselves exempt from the same law.

This was not about the content of the mascot, this was not about anything other then the very liberty of the people to be able to express themselves.

I found this to be very concerning, so much so, that despite not being a business owner in Esquimalt, I had to gather my friends and stand up at the Council meeting to defend the very freedom our military fights for abroad, the very freedom that millions of people are denied every day by their own authoritarian regime.

If free speech, fundamental freedoms and a free society are important to you, then I would urge you to vote for me. I will be our Constitutional watchdog and make sure the Council does not try to trounce on the very Constitution of our country we fight to defend.


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