Ctrl P for Liberty!

Hello friends of Liberty, Prosperity and Community!

I have a request for your assistance if you would be so kind?

Please print off a few of my campaign posters and put them up around your neighbourhood. If everyone can print off 10 posters we can blanket the township and the costs will be negligable to each of us. In true voluntary fashion, this small action can go a long way to help us gain a major victory and put someone who is liberty minded into city hall.

If you dont feel comfortable putting posters up, but still want to help, you could always deliver the posters to me or contact me at Votejoshsteffler@gmail.com and I can come pick them up.

thank you for all your help and support, and remember….
this Nov.14th vote Josh Steffler for Liberty, Prosperity and Community!

Just download this picture and hit Ctrl P for Liberty!



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