Sustainable Government


What is “sustainable Government”?

I believe that just like the environment we need to be looking at the sustainability of our governments. I find that no matter what we do or how hard we work, our taxes always go up, and government spending always goes up. It seems that unless you work FOR the government in this town, your wages do not go up as fast as the spending or tax increases. Showing that this rate of growth in government is UNsustainable.

There are things government is mandated to do, and that most people accept, like maintaining roads, and infrastructure. Sadly our abilty to do these things is being undermined by some very high wages at our city hall. According to the 2013 Statement of Financial Information the CAO makes $178,710…over $6000 more then the top advisor at the White House. Find the full statement here on page 7

Our tiny municipality does not need nor can we afford to be paying these insanely high wages. The argument many make for amalgamation is that it will reduce costs. We dont need to lose the governing authority of Esquimalt to reduce these wages. Our Council makes much less then this, it is not council or mayoral wages that need to be cut. It is these high municipal middle and upper management wages that MUST come down to make Esquimalt affordable.

I ask you, do we need to pay the top Admin in Esquimalt more then the top advisor to USA’s President Obama? Do we need to be paying ANYONE over $100k a year? I think not, though I would not touch the emergency service salaries, I would freeze them. I believe we need a hard cap on these gross salaries that come out of the pockets of homeowners, or our businesses, of our seniors and young families trying to make a go of it in the most beautiful city in BC?

For our government to be truly economically sustainable, we need a hard cap on salaries in our township. I believe $100K a year is more then enough to have a decent life in Esquimalt. On that kind of salary you can afford some of the best houses in our township, have a very generous savings account, afford wonderful vacations, save for your own retirement and engage in our community through all sorts of different ways. If these wages keep rising, and without a cap you can guarantee they will, our taxation will become unsustainable. Our seniors who have worked their whole lives and live on a fixed income, will soon be pushed out of their ownhomes because of the increasing taxation needed to fund these grossly high wages. Eventually the requirement to pay these salaries will have to cut into the services and infrastructure we expect our government to provide.

What do you think? Should we have a wage cap on municipal salaries?

I would love to know what you think. Send me an email at

I hope this Nov.15th I can count on you to vote Josh Steffler for municipal council


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