Inspiration from JFK on Government secrecy

JFK was a statesman and one of my inspirations. Sadly all too often we have way too much secrecy in our government. All too often does council go behind closed doors to discuss OUR money, and OUR community, only to never disclose these discssions.

I have some concerns about government secrecy, and I believe in a much more open and transparent government in Esquimalt. Example our recent council decision to leave Victoria PD and go with RCMP. I was not consulted…..were YOU? This is YOUR community,these should be decisions YOU are involved in. Is there any wonder why more and more people are disengaged from politics?

A vote for Josh is a vote against decisions behind closed doors. A vote for Josh is a vote against government secrecy.

Privacy is important in our PRIVATE lives, yet when we are doing the public work, it should be in the light of day, open and on display for all to see. There is a clear divide from our private lives, and yes even politicians have private lives, but when they are on the public job doing the public business, it has not place behind locked and closed doors.

I hope I can count on just 1 of your 6 votes this Nov.15th for Esquimalt council


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