Council NEEDS a Constitutional Watchdog

The Constitution of Canada is an important document for ALL levels of government. Municipal government is the closest to the people so it should be keeping a close eye on the limits of its authority. Last year Esquimalt Council tried to overstep its constitutional limits a few different times. In the first place trying to limit free speech and controlling what people can wear (mascot costumes) unless you begged for a permit. In the same bylaw, they made themselves exempt from any restrictions. The act of making themselves exempt from the bylaw counters one of the most important limits to our government, I believe. Equality before the law. We MUST have the law makers hold themselves accountable to the laws they create.

Second Bylaw is the Municipal Business License bylaw. This totally violates the Constitution because they have created 2 classes of citizens and made people UNequal before the law. Charging someone 20 TIMES the amount as others to hold a business license is criminal. It Violates the charter, the constitution and Canadian Values of equality of ALL people. What this bylaw does is charge some people $2000.00 a year for a license and others only $100.00. This sends a message to business that Esquimalt does not want your jobs here, and if the council finds your business unacceptable they will buly you out of town with onerous regulation and fees.This is DISCRIMINATION….which is not acceptable by Canadian standards. Where are my left wing friends on this issue???

When I am elected, One of my first priorities is to revisit all Bylaws and rectify any and all Charter violations. We will then see who on council is willing to stand up for freedom, justice and equality for ALL poeple. Sadly there are people who do not understand the Constitution and say things that seem to show they do not fully understand the authority that government has or that there really are legal limits to what they are allowed to do.

While our Constitution is not perfect, it is supposed to legaly limit the scope and authority of government in Canada. Too often we hear of candidates with no respect for the limits of government and would force it into aspects of your lifethat it does not belong.

If you want sustainability for government in Esquimalt, if you value Justice and fairness, then please elect Josh Steffler as you Constitutional Watchdog this Nov.15th

For Liberty, Prosperity and Community my friends!


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