BC Climate debate VIDEOS

I went to the BC Sustainable Energy Association sponsored debate on climate change. I was the ONLY one there challenging the status quo and not bending over for carbn taxes and government land expropriation. If you are tired of the Climate Hustle and massive tax rates and high costs that accompany them, its time to vote BC Libertarian Party!

This May 9th, you have a choice…Liberty or Green Tyranny!

Let’s get to the juicy debate bits wth your main liberty man!!!

Opening and closing statements-

Question 1- How will we move to a green economy?

Question 2 – What kind of Climate Action will your party take?
Answer –

Question 3 –  What will your Party do about Site C Dam?
Answer –

Question 4 – What will you do to stop Kinder Morgan Pipeline and all Pipelines? and Tankers?
Answer –


Know that you are not alone if you dont want to go along wth a rising green tyranny. Exessive taxation and ever shrinking liberty. Join me online and subscribe
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/VoteJoshSteffler
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/JoshStefflerForBCLibertarianPartyMLA/
Email – votejoshsteffler@gmail.com
TV Show – http://www.freedomfreeforall.com/


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