BC Climate debate VIDEOS

I went to the BC Sustainable Energy Association sponsored debate on climate change. I was the ONLY one there challenging the status quo and not bending over for carbn taxes and government land expropriation. If you are tired of the Climate Hustle and massive tax rates and high costs that accompany them, its time to vote BC Libertarian Party!

This May 9th, you have a choice…Liberty or Green Tyranny!

Let’s get to the juicy debate bits wth your main liberty man!!!

Opening and closing statements-

Question 1- How will we move to a green economy?

Question 2 – What kind of Climate Action will your party take?
Answer –

Question 3 –  What will your Party do about Site C Dam?
Answer –

Question 4 – What will you do to stop Kinder Morgan Pipeline and all Pipelines? and Tankers?
Answer –


Know that you are not alone if you dont want to go along wth a rising green tyranny. Exessive taxation and ever shrinking liberty. Join me online and subscribe
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Cannabis Freedom with Owen Smith

I was lucky enough to have on my show a guest named Owen Smith, the publisher for Cannabis Digest. He took the Government of Canada to court over their restriction over the right to use cannabis in any form rather then just smoking the dried flower. We discuss what the future of Cannabis will look like under legalization, BC Libertarian Policy, and the business opportunities that will grow from this industy.

Enjoy these 18mins of quality tv thanks to Freedom Free For All, be sure to subscribe to them on youtube!

Cannabis Policy for BC

This election you will hear the weak arguments from the big 3 political parties that cannabis legalization is a federal jurisdiction and not in our scope. The feds are planning on giving provinces much to say and do about the cannabis industry that will grow out of legalization. I was recently on Freedom Free For All to discuss our cannabis policy as the deputy leader.

A few bullet points about what we would do and what we would see under a BC Libertarian Party government.

Here is the video where I discuss this issue with Owen Smith, the champion who tok the government of Canada all the way to the Supreme Court to fight for people’s rights to use cannabis as they see fit, not just smoking the dried flower

This May 9th vote Josh Steffler for your MLA

Josh Steffler enters the 2017 BC Election

Hello friends and supporters! I have jumped into the running for the upcoming 2017 BC Election. I am a candidate for the BC LIbertarian party and was also elected the Deputy Leader in the last BC Libertarian party convention. I have big plans for the election, we have the return of my mascot the Sasquatch!! I have a televsion show we can utilise to get the good word out AND I can never forget the support of the awesome crew over at We Are Change Victoria!!!

I hope to be posting daily videos and livestream with all the Libertarian Candidates. I plan on attending as many all candidates debates as I am invited to, and perhaps crash a few I am not invited to, with my trusty Sasquatch by my side!

If you have not yet seen my TV show, Freedom Free For All, many of my libertarian values and ideas are expressed in the hours of interviews and segments I have already done. You can watch them all on our youtube channel. Be forwarned, this is free speech and freedom of the press at work….You may not agree with everything you see, though I am sure we can find some common ground on issues that are important to both of us

I am always looking for volunteers to help put up posters, wave at cars and even come on the livestreams with me to help promote Liberty in BC

In Liberty, your candidate for Esquimalt – Metchosin

Josh Steffler

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w/ the man behind the Sasquatch

I am so proud and glad to have such a big supporter in my brother, Dan Steffler. This man gets into this huge suit on stilts for hours, and if you have ever been in a mascot suit you know how hot it gets…Here is the reasoning behind why he does it.

Vote Josh Steffler for Esquimalt council this Nov.15 for Liberty, Prosperity and Community

Freedom Slam 2014 – Not Voting is not rebellion, it is surrender

Last week, I was able to give an ad hoc speech at the WACV Freedom Slam. All throughout this campaignI keep hearing the call “we must give up some freedom, to make city hall work”

Thank you to We Are Change Victoria for the opportunity to speak, and thank you for organizing the Freedom Slam! you can find We Are Change Victoria and their community access TV Show, Freedom Free For All, at

They do AMAZING grassroots liberty activism and are friends of Liberty

Here is my speech, if this resonates with you, please vote Josh Steffler this Nov.15th for Liberty, for Prosperity and for Community

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