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During the election people will want choice in how they connect with a candidate, and I have numerous ways for you to connect with me beyond this website. I utilize YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, email, and have a few town hall style meet and greets alongside the door knocking campaign. The following are the links to my other media and contact sites

My Email:

Facebook Page:

YouTube Account-

A picture for public use:
Josh_Steffler_clearI look forward to us connecting for a conversation during the election campaign about what matters to you. I am working during the campaign but I will make every effort to reply to every email I get. I hope I can count on your support, and please share these links to everyone you know. If you have any other ideas of places I should make my self available please let me know.

Josh Steffler


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  1. Good morning Josh..just a quick question…have you been asked to speak at Ecole Victor Brodeur in Esquimalt? Just asking because Susan Low spoke there last week and just curious to see if other Candidates were invited…thank you for your quick response…

    Judy Bell

    1. Hi Judy,

      No I was not contacted or invited. I would be interested, but I do not speak french at all, my kids are in french immersion, but I am learning from them….

      Josh Steffler

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